neonrad replied to your post “Well now you’ve done it, Ferguson”

I live in St. Louis and the biggest concern most white people have currently is when will everything go back to normal so they don’t have to go shopping in fear… no joke.. rioters might get them at the mall!!!..

Shopping in fear?  No irony there, right?  The poor white masses.

Well now you’ve done it, Ferguson

There’s little positive coming from the horrible situation in Ferguson, but the news that a racist, wingnut coworker just had his hotel room reservation cancelled because of it gives me a level of satisfaction I haven’t enjoyed in quite some time.  It wasn’t just the fact that the hotel near ground zero had rejected him, it was the anger in his face.  The implication was his 2 week romp through the conservative hinterland, complete with stops at an NRA museum in Springfield and loads of time in Branson, is now in ruins because he can’t see the Arch in St. Louis.

And the Brown family thought they had it bad. 

girlfriend-is-better replied to your photo “The impressive Metropolitan Tower, Youngstown’s tallest downtown…”

i’ve been dying to go to youngstown.

And Youngstown is dying for your visit! Seriously, Y-town is a great place to explore and soak up. Great architecture, friendly people, new business ventures, residential projects, the Butler Institute of American Art, the Historical Center of Industry and Labor…night clubs, YSU, Rust Belt Brewing Co… sharply juxtaposed with its shrinking footprint, redundant highway system, blight, and industrial ruins. I suppose there’s a lot to be unhappy about, like my hometown of Erie…but I very much like it, just like Erie.